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Knaus, a benchmark in the motorhome world, symbolizes freedom and adventure on the road. Renowned for its exceptional German craftsmanship, Knaus offers a varied range of motorhomes combining functionality, modern design and technological innovation. Each vehicle is the result of meticulous engineering, ensuring exceptional comfort and a memorable travel experience.

Des camping-cars compacts parfaits pour les escapades spontanées aux modèles plus spacieux offrant un luxe en déplacement, Knaus répond aux besoins de tous les types de voyageurs. Join a boundless adventure with a Knaus motorhome, where every kilometer becomes a story to tell.

Van TI / TI Plus

Handy and dynamic

The KNAUS VAN TI is spacious enough to create a true motorhome feel, yet compact enough to master winding coastal roads. The slimline motorhome packs all its equipment into a width of just 2.20 metres, and being the lightest in its class, it’s sure to please all those for whom payload reserves are paramount. It’s really one of the few vehicles under 3.5 tonnes that’s worth a detour.

L!ve TI


Be free, embrace the day, discover the world! With our L!VE TI, access to the world of KNAUS camping is easier than ever. Choose from 4 different layouts and numerous options, and tailor your L!VE TI to your needs. Whether you’re looking for an extended stay or a weekend getaway, the L!VE TI will win you over with its dynamic design, excellent quality and unique price/performance ratio.

Sky TI

Universal genius

What makes the SKY TI profile so special? Its huge variety of layouts, from compact to giant, from two to six berths?

Or the modern design of the interior, where every piece of furniture and every detail is presented at its best? In fact, the answer is quite simple: the SKY TI is the ideal all-rounder. It combines comfortable space and design features, and offers the best of KNAUS quality at a sensational value. No wonder it’s one of the best-selling vehicles in its class.

Van Wave

The versatile compact for four

The KNAUS VAN WAVE 640 MEG on MAN offers optimum driving comfort and safety, thanks to intelligent assistance systems and dual-channel air suspension. Compact on the outside, it can accommodate four people inside.

Also available as a special model with full equipment.

L!ve Wave

Le polyvalent

The slightly different TI with roof bed: with the L!VE WAVE model, access to the world of KNAUS camping is even more flexible. It combines the dynamic handling of a TI with the comfortable sleeping options of a capucine. 5 layouts and up to 6 berths make the L!VE WAVE a true all-round champion.

Embark on your adventure with a motorhome featuring sensational value, modern interior design and top KNAUS quality.

Van I


Building the VAN I KNAUS is certainly no light affair; and yet it feels light. Efficient lightweight construction and excellent material quality make this possible. It also impresses with its automotive design and unique roof bed construction for maximum standing height.

It combines a huge sense of space with particularly easy access. There’s only one thing we can’t offer you: compromise.

L!ve I


Discover the new generation of KNAUS A-Class motorhomes. With the L!VE, we’ve created a unique motorhome unrivalled in the A-Class segment. This is thanks not only to its cutting-edge technology and distinctive design, but also to its excellent value for money and high added value for your motorhome vacation.

Discover a unique, all-inclusive vehicle and see for yourself why the L!VE is not only the best in roof-bed profiles, but also one of a kind.

Sun I


Our luxury integral boasts perfect curves down to the smallest detail. With its front mask and dynamic exterior styling, you’ll enjoy the luxury that excites and the sporty elegance that impresses, during extended stops in the north or winding roads in the south.

In addition to its impressive exterior looks, the SUN I is also convincing thanks to a number of eye-catching features, such as a heated double floor in boat-deck style and top-of-the-range leather fittings. Climb on and you’ll immediately fall under its spell.

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate
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Weinsberg, a motorhome brand that excels in the art of creating recreational vehicles designed to inspire adventure. Renowned for its innovative approach and commitment to quality, Weinsberg offers a diverse range of motorhomes that combine intelligent functionality with modern design.

Each model embodies a passion for travel and freedom, offering travelers a home on wheels where comfort and practicality meet in harmony. Whether you’re a spontaneous road-trip enthusiast or an explorer in search of new destinations, Weinsberg motorhomes are designed to meet your needs. Explore the world with ease and style, thanks to the reliability and innovation characteristic of the Weinsberg brand.


An agile partner

The CaraCompact is a great little companion for your adventures. Compact on the outside, it offers plenty of room inside for everything an adventurer’s heart could desire. So that you can go on vacation in an even more personalized way, we are now offering the CaraCompact with two different chassis.

Whether particularly comfortable or particularly compact, with or without a star: every CaraCompact impresses with its typical WEINSBERG values and equipment for long trips and spontaneous excursions.


A versatile and elegant vehicle

The CaraLoft Ford shines with its sleek WEINSBERG interior design and convinces with a unique feeling of space. Thanks to numerous driver assistance systems and superb equipment, such as the innovative bench seat concept, the pleasure of comfortable driving knows no bounds.

The additional storage space, with its many well thought-out storage possibilities, is the perfect complement to the vacation experience for two. It’s a trip for Ford enthusiasts!


Comfortable sizing

With its cozy fold-down bed, the CaraSuite is perfect for a fun-filled family trip. During the day, it’s safely stowed away, and in the evening, it’s quickly in place.

Generous space and remarkable room height ensure comfortable travel for young and old alike.


The mobile family home

Imagine never having to book a room again. Imagine you knew of a spacious vacation home anywhere in the world. Imagine if you always had your home with you.

Now discover the family alcove with its exceptional space.

A motorhome for the whole family: with a classic alcove body, two separate sleeping areas and room for six.


Trend-setting in perfect taste

Discover WEINSBERG’s CaraCore, the all-in-one motorhome with equipment and class that won’t leave you speechless. The CaraCore offers a unique combination of spaciousness, quality and driving comfort.

The CaraCore likes understatement, and shows its presence. It cleverly combines utility and design. An impressive combination of spatial awareness, high-quality materials and exceptional ride comfort.


Elegancy on every road

Whether it’s winding alleys in the city center or long walks on the beach: Your CaraBus will take you wherever your vacationing heart desires. It offers more space than you’d expect from its slim design, and its elegant appearance is a delight.

A convincing, versatile style that goes everywhere with you. Whether it’s a raised roof, an MQH roof or a retractable roof, whatever you need to make your vacation dreams come true – the CaraBus has the right solution ready, and remains both agile and spacious.


Unrestricted driving ease

Do you want to get out of here? He’s always ready. With sporting nonchalance, of course. The CaraTour is a true adventurer and is open to all travel projects. Despite its compactness, it retains an incredible amount of space and ready storage. The largest resting area in its class is perfect for relaxing..

Climb in, fasten your seatbelts, and off you go: with WEINSBERG’s CaraTour, it’s never been easier to go on vacation as you please. This practical camper van offers everything you need at a price you’ll love.


Your vanlife starts now!

You probably already have an idea of what your vacation should look like. And how you want to fit out your Camper Van. The CaraLife is just waiting to fulfill your wishes. And to go beyond them.

Spaces rethought and redesigned. The advanced space concept with a very bright interior.

Thoughtful: the design language expresses your lifestyle, and ample storage space makes every vacation dream a reality.


Explore the world in complete comfort with our trusted partner, Voyages Emile Weber, specialists in minibus and transporter rentals. Whether for group travel, corporate excursions or special events, their diversified fleet of minibuses offers comfort and reliability.

The vehicles are equipped to meet every transport need, with a perfect blend of practicality and style. By collaborating with Voyages Emile Weber, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a stress-free travel experience, where the quality of service meets the flexibility of minibus rental, opening the door to unforgettable adventures.

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