Petrymobil services

For the maintenance of your vehicle, whatever its make, as well as tires and bodywork, don’t hesitate to call on us.


At Petrymobil, you can expect unrivalled expertise in automotive mechanics. We have a number of different teams at your disposal, each specialized in a particular make of car, so you benefit from a unique and dynamic know-how for all services.


Benefit from a high level of technical and mechanical expertise in bodywork. Our services include vehicle bodywork, body painting, maintenance and replacement of accessories, automotive equipment and supplies, and dent removal.

Did you know? Our bodywork workshop is located in Remerschen, but you can drop off your vehicle at any Petrymobil garage, and we’ll take care of transporting it directly to our location.

Utility workshop

Commercial vehicles have very specific needs, which is why we dedicate an entire workshop to them, equipped with the latest technology for optimum performance.


Our tire specialists can clean, mount, balance, inflate, assist, maintain, and repair your winter or summer tires. We can provide services for the replacement of your damaged tires; we are partners with the most reputable tire suppliers in the market.

Maintenance contracts

Petrymobil offers you the opportunity to benefit from a customizable monthly maintenance contract tailored to your needs. The maintenance contract can include the inspection of your vehicle, air conditioning, lighting, braking, windshield wipers, and much more.

Warranty extensions

Choosing a warranty extension at Petrymobil means opting for comprehensive protection for your car. You get benefits that are fully equivalent to those of the factory or manufacturer warranty, ensuring numerous advantages, especially in the case of a lease. It’s like having an extra layer of security and peace of mind for your vehicle, making sure you’re covered for any unexpected bumps in the road.