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Opel, a symbol of quality German engineering and a rich automotive tradition, stands out for its commitment to innovation and performance. With a range of vehicles that combines dynamic style and intelligent functionality, Opel embodies the spirit of European driving.

From nimble compacts to sturdy SUVs, each model is precisely crafted to deliver an exceptional driving experience. As a dealership, we take pride in representing Opel and sharing this passion for thrilling driving experiences with our customers. Discover German quality paired with captivating design at our dealership, where each Opel embodies the perfect alliance of performance, elegance, and innovation.


Private vehicles

Utilities & Vans

New Corsa


The new Opel Corsa combines the joy of everyday driving with an attractive design, the technology of a larger car, and efficient engine options, making every journey an exhilarating experience!

The new Opel Corsa is packed with the latest technologies from larger cars, from best-in-class lighting to advanced driving assistance features, making your journey safer, easier, and more enjoyable!

The new Opel Corsa has been designed to be performance-oriented, efficient, and enjoyable to drive. No matter the journey, the guarantee of arriving with a smile.

New Astra


This new generation of Opel Astra has been carefully designed for improved road handling, greater comfort, and enhanced driving pleasure.

The Astra is equipped with numerous intelligent features designed to make driving easier and ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.

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From sculpted Eco-LED taillights to the new Vizor® grille, it only means one thing: the Mokka dares to be different!

The Mokka is equipped with intelligent features designed to enhance safety, convenience, and comfort.

Long journeys, hot days, cold days, furniture transport, or family outings. The Mokka is packed with features to keep you comfortable.

New Grandland


From the iconic Vizor grille to the digital Pure Panel cockpit, everything in between is designed to impress. A bold and pure design.

Driving emission-free in the city with the freedom of a modern hybrid, electric, petrol, or diesel car.

The Grandland is packed with intelligent features designed to make driving easier and ensure your safety and that of your loved ones.



Bold and progressive on the outside, premium and spacious on the inside. The Crossland is filled with intelligent features designed to enhance safety, convenience, and comfort.

Enjoy the best connections. Beyond infotainment and navigation, there’s OpelConnect. So many discoveries!

The school run, the daily commute, the cold or heat outside… Whatever you do, the Crossland ensures your comfort. Advanced powertrains, smooth transmission, low emissions: smart power!

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The New Combo Electric Life is designed to offer the best in every aspect. Space and comfort for up to seven people. Practical and innovative safety systems.

In 100% electric mode, zero emissions, with a range of up to 293 km1 without the need to recharge. All the reasons to make the most of every journey, without any compromises!

Thanks to our advanced fast-charging technology, the Combo Electric Life can be charged up to 80% in just over half an hour.1 – at home, at work, or at a public charging station on the road. It’s perfectly equipped for both short and long journeys.



The Zafira Electric Life is the e-volution of the mobile lounge, and it’s the flagship of the high-end comfort range of the Zafira Life, now with a fully electric powertrain for a smoother, quieter, and more luxurious journey for your business passengers.

Thanks to the fast charging of the new Zafira Electric Life, your passengers never have to wait. Its high-energy-density 75 kWh battery only needs 30 minutes to reach 80% optimal range using a 100 kW public charging station. On-board and at-home charging provides maximum range overnight or between missions, making the new Zafira Electric Life the ideal premium shuttle—clean, convenient, and cost-effective.

The range of utility vehicles by Opel.

Combo Cargo


Robust, highly practical, and versatile, the Combo Cargo effortlessly transports both passengers and cargo. It’s the ideal partner for businesses.

Powerful and versatile with a payload of 1000 kg and a maximum loading length of 3090 mm, the Cargo is compact on the outside but very spacious on the inside!



Get the job done with the efficiency of a professional. Flexible seating and advanced connectivity provide comfort and convenience, while ample cargo space and high load capacity contribute to productivity.

Available in three sizes, each variant offers the perfect balance between compact exterior dimensions and spacious, flexible interior.

New Movano


The New Movano brings together all the qualities and practicality that have made Opel renowned, now enriched with more specialized versions, a revised utility design, improved driving aids, and increased payload capabilities. Today, more than ever, the new Opel Movano is the ideal German tool for your profession.

Designed for businesses and engineered to work as hard as you do, the new Movano meets all your needs, with the capabilities and versatility required to tackle any task. Available in four lengths and three heights.